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Your PC has digitally stored photos, home videos and music and maybe important documents like wills, house plan, financial information, which is why it makes sense to protect this data. Things happen... your PC and storage can be damaged but The Tech Doctor can generally recover these files should you not be able to access it. In fact most of the time your data is recoverable! The Tech Doctor specializes in recovering information from hard drives suffering from accidental deletion, hard drive crashes, equipment malfunctions, software corruption, computer virus attacks and power surges. There are cost effective backup solutions we can design that protects your valuable data in the event of an equipment failure.

Backing up your data, files, pictures, everything that is on your computer or network is very important in today's ever changing technology. There are so many options available today from USB Flash Drives (portable) with lots of storage memory to Cloud storage that backs up via the Internet.

Think about it... if you are backing up your valuable documents, files, pictures and data daily; when you have a problem you can recover all of your important files and data easily. Maybe all you need for now is an external hard drive or a few USB drives, but if you are planning for the worst case scenario; what happens if you have a fire and all of your equipment is destroyed? If you are really preparing you may want to have off site back of all your PCs and all your files. The Tech Doctor can help you decide which type of back up works best for you and can setup the backup services.


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