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Dallas was great! First, he contacted me within 10 minutes of receiving my email. He offered me advice and step by step procedures on what to do with a noisy fan on my newly acquired 3 year old laptop. He started with the least expensive fix and then told me what he would need to do if that did not work. He then told me how to see up my own user name and did all this for free! He spent about 15 minutes on the phone with me. I appreciated his responsiveness, expertise and professionalism. I highly recommend his services and will definitely be calling him again for all my computer needs! I have my own small business as well so it is great to have a computer guru that you can talk to for the large and minor issues.

-Stephanie G., October 2013, Angie's List

Cleaned my computer,told me about some new and better anti spyware which I bought and am SO happy with!  He did all of this remotely as I live in Texas and he in Maryland. He answered right away, just as all the other reviews stated.  He couldn't have been nicer, more polite or helpful. He was patient with me which is always a plus.  He searched,  scrubbed and scoured for any issues.  He is extremely thorough, When I told Dallas that I had been unable to reach my local computer expert and then was told that he would get back to me when he was on vacation, he told me he always answers even on vacation.  I then said that in that case he never really has a vacation and he laughed and said that this is his business and so he is available. This  morning I have an issue with my internet in that the old internet network keeps appearing no matter how many times I delete it.  He said that was a new one to him and he would research it and get back to me.  Love that!  Don't know if there will be a charge for that but if there is, it will be worth it as he has to do some extra work. USE HIM!  HE IS TERRIFIC!   

-Jann C., September 2013, Angie's List

Serving the Montgomery Co, MD, DC, VA & Charlestown, Shepherdstown, Harpers Ferry, and Martinsburg, West Virginia area. Also serving remotely these Leesburg, Berryville, and Winchester and the DC, MD and VA areas. We are always on call to assist you with all of your network and computer support needs. We have onsite services and remote services.

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