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Your computer is a very important part of your everyday life and you want it to be reliable. Sometimes the off-the-shelf PC that you find at a big box store just isn't right for your computing needs.

Tech Doctor knows that if you are a designer, video producer or gamer your requirements are not going to be the same as a standard computer user that is only interested in social networking, reading emails and other general use. The type of PC you need should be custom built to your specifications and your needs. If you are an artist or designer you may need to have several programs open at one time. These programs require a lot of memory to run. So an off the shelf PC just isn't going to do the job. Gamers are online using large amounts of memory to play video games and they, too, require a much more powerful machine,

Tech Doctor builds custom PCs for all types of use and we are here to help you maintain your system.


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Serving the Montgomery Co, MD, DC, VA & Charlestown, Shepherdstown, Harpers Ferry, and Martinsburg, West Virginia area. Also serving remotely these Leesburg, Berryville, and Winchester and the DC, MD and VA areas. We are always on call to assist you with all of your network and computer support needs. We have onsite services and remote services.

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