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Do you have a printer that isn't working properly? Do you have a network and the printer is not being supported by that network? Call Tech Doctor now! We can help you get your printer working whether you want all the computers in your home in a network so they can print to a central location - OR - we can set up your network to locate all the printers in your home network and you can print to any printer you desire in any room.

Tech Doctor has worked with all varieties of printers. If we are unable to fix it, we can advise you of your options to repair or replace your printer.


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Serving the Montgomery Co, MD, DC, VA & Charlestown, Shepherdstown, Harpers Ferry, and Martinsburg, West Virginia area. Also serving remotely these Leesburg, Berryville, and Winchester and the DC, MD and VA areas. We are always on call to assist you with all of your network and computer support needs. We have onsite services and remote services.

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